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18 February 2012 @ 10:00 am
Long Weekend  
It's long weekend here in Alberta, and this morning I'm off to Banff to see the Rocky Mountains. I've never seen mountains before, so this will be quite exciting. I'm only staying one night, because Banff is kind of expensive.

Work is still going well, and I'm doing some real projects, but so far I've learned the fine art of folding maps. Since we print all our maps in house, we also have to fold them by hand. Hundreds of them. I hope our clients appreciate the handcrafted care/don't notice the folding mistakes.

This week has also seen the beginning of a financial stability that I've never really had before. I had some Canada savings bonds mature this month after twenty years, and I cashed them in and I got paid. So now my bank account is the fullest it's ever been, and I now have actual savings, rather than living hand to mouth.

With some of that money, Karen and I went out and each bought an iPhone 4s. While it is a bit of a splurge, we did need need Calgary numbers and plans, and did do a lot of research to ensure we were getting our money's worth. Since we've long denied ourselves smartphones because we couldn't justify the cost, it was quite amazing to jump from an old regular cellphone to a 5th generation smartphone. We got them on Valentine's day, although more importantly it was the anniversary of Bell patenting the telephone, and the phone company we went with was Bell. Also, we got a whole bunch of big bonus addons (like unlimited incoming calls), because February is a slow month for cell phone sales, and companies make better offers to entice customers.

Also, I have set up a Twitter account, and you can follow me @williamrgillies. I'll post some pictures of the Rockies there during the trip.
Music: Wildlife Analysis - Boards of Canada